Aircraft Rental Brokerage

 Aircraft Rental Brokerage

In 5 years only, MADAO Leasing conducted more than 150 aircraft transactions valued at over $2 billion, attracted investment from worlds leading banks and financial institutions, as well as mediated significant transactions around the world.

MADAO Leasing is one of the most effective aircraft finance leasing and trading companies around the globe.

MADAO Leasing was acknowledged among TOP50 aircraft leasing companies in the world by Aviation Finance for 3 consecutive years as well as gained a solid reputation among global clients for its outstanding performance in used aircraft acquisition and technical preparation for new life.

In 2016 company established a Joint Venture in China together with (HNCA), and currently is the biggest contributor from the Baltic States into the Road and Belt initiative in China Henan Civil Aviation and Development Company.

Within only two years of operations, the joint venture in China managed to acquire 16 brand new aircraft, worth $1 billion. The unprecedented growth was reached due to the high–level synergy of international know-how from AviaAM Leasing and strong governmental support from Henan province authorities and partnership with HNCA. The recent multi-aircraft deal by the joint venture was awarded “Asia Pacific Deal of the Year.”